LENT 2017

LENT 2017   Dear Parish Family   What not to give up for Lent:    HOPE   What to take on during Lent:    PRAYER   It is well known that we are, by nature, drawn to watch a train wreck. We know we should look away, it is going to be horrible, nevertheless we watch it … [Read more…]


  Christmas 2016   Dear Parish Family,   God came to a world such as ours so that we might have forgiveness, reconciliations and hope; Life in its fullness. A simple statement but one which becomes more real and challenging each day.  The world’s chaos has come to our doorsteps. Political upheaval and unrest, the … [Read more…]


    ADVENT 2016   Dear Parish Family, Advent, a season of hope and expectation, is exactly what our world needs. Hope amid wars and rumors of wars.  Hope amid political upheaval. Hope amid earth quakes, floods, and fires. Hope amid sectarian and racially motivated violence. The list could go on. Some may come back … [Read more…]