Legacy Giving Program

Considering the Gift of a Lifetime?

A letter explaining the program and a brochure detailing how to participate in the Legacy Program are available from the Church Office.

St. George’s Allandale




The objectives of the Legacy Giving Committee (“the Committee”) are to oversee the legacy giving program, making sure that both donors and St. George’s Allandale (“the Charity”) are well served, to provide recommendations to the staff of the Charity, and to act as an advocate for the program to the Charity’s various constituencies.


  1. Become thoroughly familiar with the various types of legacy gifts.
  1. Determine the types of legacy gifts to be offered by the Charity.
  1. Develop for the Parish Advisory Council policies and guidelines regarding the acceptance and administration of legacy gifts.
  1. Appoint or serve as an acceptance committee to review certain types of legacy gifts to make sure they are in the best interests of the Charity.
  1. In consultation with the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, establish policies for endowment gifts regarding the purposes for which endowments may be created, the minimum amounts required for individually-named endowments, and the investment and payout provisions.
  1. Review and critique publications and other marketing materials promoting legacy giving at the Charity.
  1. If required, evaluate products and services offered by vendors related to legacy giving.
  1. Be available, individually, to answer technical questions pertaining to particular gift situations or redirect to allied professionals.
  1. Occasionally serve as speakers at St. George’s Allandale legacy giving seminars or events.
  1. Encourage prospective donors to make legacy gifts and participate in selected prospect calls as appropriate.


  1. Creation

The Committee is a subcommittee of the Financial Planning Committee of the Parish Advisory Council.

  1. Membership

The Committee shall include the following members, at minimum:

  • A Warden;
  • The Chair of the Financial Planning Committee;
  • Two-to-three other lay members of the congregation and/or local community. In making these appointments, priority shall be given to lawyers, financial planners, insurance advisors, accountants, and other professionals who specialize in estate planning, and to persons who have expertise in marketing and communications; and
  • The appointment of the Chair will be decided by a majority vote of the Committee.
  1. Terms of Office

Members of the Committee shall be appointed for a term of not less than one year and eligible for               reappointment thereafter.  Appointments shall be made at the annual Vestry meeting.

  1. Meetings

The times and frequency of meetings shall be determined by the Chair.

  1. Reporting Relationships                                                                                                                                                     The Committee reports to the Chair of the Financial Planning Committee.
  1. Staffing

The Committee is supported by the staff of St. George’s Allandale when needed and appropriate.