Easter 2015

Mission: To worship God in dynamic contemporary and
Traditional Anglican ways, caring for people and the
community because of our commitment to Jesus Christ.

The Reverend Canon David Warren, Incumbent

Easter 2015

Dear Parish Family,

As we approach the great celebration of Easter we are reminded of the greatest challenge to faith is death. Jesus’ triumph on Easter morning proclaimed that nothing can separate us from God. Faith enables us to face death, even the most cruel and unjust death, with a sense of hope. A hope which, with our last breath, proclaims the triumph of love and forgiveness.

The courageous life of faith is what we are called to live. A faith that acknowledges our weaknesses, our mortality, not as something to deny or run away from but to be embraced. Embraced as the greatest statement of God’s love. A love which knows our weakness. A love which offers forgiveness when we fall short. A love which gives us hope in hopeless situations. A love which loves to the end…and beyond. We celebrate a faith which believes this and enables us to live it.

Can you really celebrate Easter without Holy Week? Simply put, can you celebrate resurrection without first acknowledging death? Can you really embrace the depth of its message if your focus is on bunnies and chocolate? The world has done its best to hide the true struggle of faith. By so doing, when the struggles happen, our faith is left wanting. If you have been told that faith is all party, peace and happiness how are you going to cope when life happens? Sadly, so many are derailed in their journey just when they need the assurance of a Gospel faith the most. A Gospel faith and not “cheap” grace.

As we have been reading on the Sundays of Lent, Jesus told the disciples and anyone who would listen, that the way of God is not an easy road. It is about taking up your cross, those things which, in your life, the world has said you are dead, worthless, and hopeless and making them signs of victory over the poverty of this world’s false glory.

Never an easy thing to do especially alone. Even Jesus needed Simon’s help to carry the cross up the hill. We are the Body of Christ and as such we carry the Cross together. As community we work together and we celebrate together as the people of God.

Come celebrate together Jesus’ triumph over sin and death. Come celebrate your faith and your community. Let us lift high the Cross and celebrate life.

Grace and peace to you through the victory of Jesus Christ.

The Reverend Canon David Warren