Dear Parish Family,


Well it is getting to that time to end the chocolate fast, shed the drab winter coats and celebrate the birth of little creatures. Yes, I say that “tongue in cheek.” Unfortunately for most people that is their Easter. Another day on the calendar to gather the family and eat too much. Sad, isn’t it.

Lent was to remind us of the spiritual work we should be doing every day. The only cloths we should be worrying about is “putting on Jesus Christ.”  The new life we should be focused on is our life in Christ after our “spiritual birth.”

There is a definite difference between these two perspectives on the Easter season. The world cannot see, like Nicodemus and the Samaritan woman at the well, past the metaphor to the spiritual truths they a type of (“earthly examples used to explain heavenly things”). Some just cannot get past the imperfect metaphor.

Never have we seen so great a dichotomy between truth and fiction in our world as we do so in today’s media. It is almost like a child faced with the consequences of their selfish actions denying they did anything wrong. Stepping back from it a bit you can almost see what God has been dealing with when it comes to mankind since the Garden of Eden.

Denial (I will just hide), blame (it’s her fault and you made her) and quick fixes (fig leaves) will never enable us to avoid the truth – We are sinners and we need God’s help. How much more could God do to show us that He is ready to forgive and heal then the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yet the world continually chooses to make do with the “blame game” and “alternative facts.” As you watch things unfold, I encourage you to look at it as a metaphor for the spiritual challenge we all face. Do I have courage to take responsibility for my actions? Am I ready to accept God’s offer of forgiveness and spiritual healing? Do I have the faith necessary to live for God in this world?

No doubt we will all get involved in the chocolate, bunny and festive things associated with Easter and spring time. I hope and pray our celebration will not end there but rise about the metaphors to the reality of God’s love fully realized in Jesus Christ. Christ is risen! May you have life in His name!


God bless you always.

The Reverend David Warren