Harvest Home, October 2016

Dear Parish Family,

After a long hot summer things are beginning to cool down. The weather has certainly been a struggle for farmers this year. Lack of rain, too much rain, hail and wind, we have had it all. Not too much unlike life. We prepare and plan for things and then life happens. Sometimes we are surprised by joy and at other times overwhelmed by sorrow and everything in between. Celebrating Harvest Home (Oct. 2) we are reminded that there is much in life we cannot control. We can certainly complain about the weather but we cannot control it (or predict its effects). Jesus often used pastoral examples to teach about faith and faithfulness. Sowing seeds and reaping the harvest. Paul used similar analogies when describing ministries within the faith community. Unfortunately, much in society has drawn us away from understanding the depth of these simple images. With the rise of “in door” life environments and condo living, more and more people are losing touch with the earth which sustains us. Life goes on, but the results of this detached living is seen in things like global warming and isolation. The same can be said about our faith. Losing our connection with God, our creator and sustainer, leaves us living a life without foundation. We are blown every which-way by the “winds” of our times madly searching for any safe harbor to hide in from the storms of life. Often these so called safe harbors are more traps than havens. Like the old hymn, “Will Your Anchor Hold?” suggests, people find themselves without any source of strength in times of stress and conflict.  Therefore, for me, Harvest Home goes beyond autumn colors and decorations to our connection to creation and our Divine connection. These thoughts and affirmations lead directly into our celebration of Thanksgiving. By taking the time to reflect on our connection, through faith, with God, and thus our connection with God’s creation, we truly enter into the Joy of the Master.

Enjoy God’s creation, celebrate its beauty and bounty, but most of all, celebrate the God who loves you and sustains you through faith in Jesus Christ.

God bless you and keep you.


The Reverend Canon David Warren