LENT 2018

LENT 2018

Dear Parish Family

Myth: Lent is forty days long

Fact: It is more than forty days because Sundays do not count.

Myth: Lent is about giving something up.

Fact: It is a time of discipline. Taking on something in a disciplined fashion in                                                  order to focus on one’s faith.

Remember that gym membership you took out as a New Year’s resolution? Yes, you are a member but just being a member doesn’t do much good for your health. You are expected to show up and do something. You may have even received that great looking gym outfit but looking like you go to the gym still doesn’t do anything for your health. The expectation is that you go regularly, even on those days you don’t want to, and do a well-rounded program of some kind. Having arms like Popeye does not do anything for heart health. Neither does having legs like tree trunks. You need a full-body workout which requires a regular, discipline workout.

POINT: Your faith needs the same kind of disciplined workout!

Just saying you are a member really doesn’t give you the benefit of belonging. The Church is even easier to ignore than a gym because there is no annual fee. Think about it, if you went to the gym twice a year are you really achieving the benefit of belonging? When you do go, are you getting the full benefit? Every workout has its flow. The same is true for worship. Sometimes the flow isn’t there – the sermon didn’t connect, the hymn didn’t work for you, you just were not in the mood to “work it.” Great excuses not to go again. “It just didn’t work for me.” Really? Or is spiritual health not that important since, like the gym, “I’m fine. I don’t really need to go. I’ll get into that when I retire.”  Spiritual health is important, and it does require discipline.

So, what are you going to take on for Lent? What disciplined activity are you going to try for forty plus days? You never know, you may just like it and feel the benefits of “spiritual exercise” and keep doing it long past Lent.

Praying for a healthy and spiritually strengthening Lent for all of us.

The Reverend David Warren