Lenten Letter 2015


Mission: To worship God in dynamic contemporary and
Traditional Anglican ways, caring for people and the
community because of our commitment to Jesus Christ.

The Reverend Canon David Warren, Incumbent

Lent 2015 

Dear Parish Family,

Throughout Epiphany we have been looking at the concept of the Journey of Faith: a journey of “faith seeking understanding” inspired by God.  We explored the call of God through creation (The Magi), clarifies by scripture and assisted by those who walk beside us.  We emphasized how we influence others by our words and actions (Philip seeking out Nathaniel).  The importance of deepening our faith and striving to have the most positive influence on others highlights the significance of the season of Lent.

Lent is a time of soul searching, learning and enhancing our witness of the grace and love of God we have experienced.  What are my priorities?  What do I value?  What do my actions tell the world about what I believe?  Ultimately, where is God in my life?  Lent is not so much about “giving up” but looking at those things which I allow to control my life.  Am I like Esau who gave up his birthright for food?  Am I like Jonah who would rather run away than offer forgiveness?  Or the older son who doesn’t want the father to forgive the younger son?  Am I like Herod who would go to any lengths to maintain a position of power? Food, power, wealth, hate or envy, what hampers you from experiencing the grace and love of God and sharing it with those around you?  Lent is a time to really look in the mirrorand ask yourself, “am I what God wants me to be? How can I be  better me?

Lent is not a time to just create a list of all our shortcomings either.  The purpose is to highlight the positive and diminish the negative.  We all fall short.  We all have things we need to work on.  Lent is a time to do something about those shortcomings.  To take control of your life and, by the grace of God, overcome those thoughts and behaviours which diminish the child of God you are.

I have often said that the individuals recorded in the Gospel narrative give us great insight into the human condition and how the grace and love of God shown through Jesus Christ meets our deepest needs.  Therefore , a good start is to just take the time to read the Gospels.  Reading them with an open heart and mind  to see yourself in the story and how Jesus met those people where they were and lifted them up,

Be lifted up and renewed by your journey through Lent.

Fr. David Warren