Church Activities

Church Activities
 MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE – If you would like to be a part of a welcoming ministry you will find fulfilling, consider joining the

membership group –

Please contact Sandy Richmond for more information

 COFFEE HOUR – The coffee hour is looking for a

couple of volunteers to help out with Sunday coffee hour –

If you would like to help out, please contact Marlene Miller – thanks

CARD SALES We are still looking for more members

One extra food card, gas card and one extra card of your choice

* Services (see ~ “Service Times” ~ )
Church Group Activities
* Choir Practice ~
* Quilters ~ Tuesdays, 10:00 AM in Memorial Hall  Contact Church office at 705-726-8121 for more information. Quilters are in need of quilts to be hand quilted.  If you know of anyone who is interested please contact Sandee. 
* Are You a Member, or, Do You Belong? ~ If you would like to participate in church service activities ~ such as reader, server, Altar Guild, choir, Sunday School, coffee hour, etc.  – please call the office to find the information – 7056-726-8121
In case you need assistance with some of the Biblical pronunciations, try this web-site which is very helpful .

At St. George’s we offer on the Mondays during Advent and Lent a 1 hr Meditation. In the dim light of the Church and a single candle on the Altar, the evening begins with a Mindfulness relaxation exercise. The aim of this is to relax the body and quiet the mind. In order to be fully present in the moment we need to relieve the tension in the body which has accumulated over the day. In a seated position, we address all the muscles of the body in order from feet to neck. Once we have relaxed the body, we take time to set aside all the wondering thoughts of the day. Here we emphasize that you have willfully chosen this time to focus on being in the presence of God. Now, with a relaxed body and our minds quieted, we hear the Word of God. At this stage of the evening we focus on a scripture passage with a specific point to think about.  Throughout the hour, Taize music is played with moments of silence.

Every individual experiences this time with God differently, so there is no interaction between participants before, during or after the hour of meditation. The intent is to reflect Jesus’ call to prayer in Matthew 6:6 with the experience of the grace of God Jesus identified in Luke 18:13-14.


 Other Activities of Interest
* Shop with Cards ~ Lloyd is available at every service and anxious to explain the program, and, to detail the benefits to St George’s at NO cost to you.  Congratulations to Lloyd on his success with the Shop with Cards program. 10 years and running!!!!
More details are available at
 * see also “Community and Outreach” page